The David Evans Court Theatre at Pendley offers a high quality venue in a superb setting for your event.

The space is managed by Court Theatre Limited (CTL), a registered charity, through its Management Board and a dedicated team of volunteers who offer a wealth of experience in both technical and front of house theatre operations and can assist you at every stage of the hire process. See Appendix 5 for a full list of officers of the Court Theatre and their contact details.

The theatre comprises a main auditorium with a 196 seat, tiered retractable seating area which can be retracted to provide a flat floor area with the following capacity:

  • 350 persons standing eg for band nights
  • 170 persons seated at tables for cabaret performance/dinner dance*
  • The tiered seating can be adapted to accommodate up to 212 persons by adding an additional floor level row of chairs.
  • Other formats are possible subject to discussion first

The stage is on the same level as the auditorium. Steel-deck staging is available for hirers who wish to build a stage or as part of a set.

Front of House comprises a foyer with box office (with facilities for accepting credit card payments) and a fully equipped, spacious and comfortable bar area.

Backstage area comprises a large dressing room area with1 communal and 3 private dressing rooms, shower and toilet facilities and two further communal dressing rooms in a backstage heated portacabin. A function room above the bar area can also be used with access to the stage via external side doors. However, this area does not house shower or toilet facilities.

Large lighting and sound boxes are located on the 1st floor, above the bar area and are accessed via the function room detailed above.

The venue is available to hire for commercial, professional, amateur and community performances, arts and educational organisations, conferences, training sessions, meetings and similar events.

Please note that the David Evans Court Theatre is specifically designed to be a venue for theatrical productions, shows and music. It is not designed to be a venue.

Please read through this entire application pack, including the Terms and Conditions of Hire.
If you have any initial queries please contact Other information, specs, forms etc can be seen via the Theatre Hire link on front page of our website.

  • First check the availability of your preferred dates. The easiest way to do this is to log onto the theatre website and follow the link to our Calendar at the bottom of the Home page. Please be aware that the Theatre’s programming is often conducted 12-18 months in advance, so we would recommend checking dates as soon as possible: a minimum of 7 months notice is normally required.
  • Once you have selected your preferred dates please contact to make a provisional booking.
  • If you are happy to accept the Terms and Conditions of Hire, see Appendix 2, then please complete the Event Booking Form in Appendix 1 and forward to At the same time you should post a signed copy of the final page of the Terms and Conditions along with your deposit cheque to the address at the foot of this section.
  • If your event is a theatrical production, the name of the show should also be agreed at the time of booking. If not known at that time then an indication of genre is required. This is because CTL is charged with running a balanced programme and as such must ensure that programming clashes do not occur.
  • Applications will be processed by means of the Event Booking Form and will be reviewed to ensure that:
    • Public liability is confirmed where appropriate
    • You have acknowledged your duty of care for all fire and health and safety issues
    • The hand over between your show and any preceding or following you is as smooth as possible
    • Any additional technical resources required are made available. A full list of equipment available is listed in Section 3
    • Any other volunteer resources you wish to use eg front of house, tech crew, marketing & publicity are informed.

Your booking is only confirmed when you have returned the signature sheet from the Court Theatre’s Terms and Conditions of Hire, paid the appropriate deposit and received confirmation back from the Court Theatre. Please note that the terms of the booking cannot be changed after this point.

Applications for hire of the Court Theatre will only be considered if the nature of the hire meets the requirements of the Theatre’s balanced programming policy and code of ethics.

Your application form can be submitted to the Court Theatre as follows:
E- mail:
Post: Court Theatre Bookings, c/o Kings Arms, King St, Tring, HP23 6BE

Duration of HireFee
Full Week (00.01 Sunday to 23.59 Saturday)£2,200
Day 1 (first day of hire) Mon-Thu£605
Day 1 (first day of hire) Fri-Sun£715
Day 2 (second & subsequent days) Mon-Thu£385
Day 2 (second & subsequent days) Fri-Sun£470
Other Hire periods£negotiable
Non-refundable deposit per active booking£220

Grants: In addition to running The Court Theatre, CTL, as a registered charity, is charged with promoting the arts within the local community. It can offer a range of grants to defray hire fees or help with production costs. For further information on eligibility please see Appendix 4 or contact when making your booking enquiry.

Deposit: This serves a number of purposes. It is primarily an advance of the hire fee which will be offset against your hire charge when box office takings are settled (see T&C 4.0). It also acts as a security and cleaning deposit. If there is damage to theatre equipment, nonpublic areas are left uncleaned or excess waste (eg dismantled set) is left behind then the theatre reserves the right to deduct any costs of repair, additional cleaning or waste disposal. It is in your interest to leave the theatre SPIC ‘n SPAN, there are checklists at Appendix 7 to help you achieve this aim.

Hire is inclusive of the following:

  • Standard House technical rig: details can be found under Technical Specification – Section 3.
  • House PA: details can be found under Technical Specification – Section 3.
  • Utilities including water, electrics, lighting, heating.
  • Use of all technical ‘stock’ items. Stock item details can be found in the Technical Specification – Section 3.
  • All hirers for performances or presentations will be contacted to arrange the necessary meetings with the Theatre’s volunteer staff once the basic confirmation has been made and the Event Booking Form received. This will ensure you have an understanding of all the technical requirements and schedules that need to be considered and all potential costs involved.
  • Hirers have access to all sound, light and stage facilities on stage as agreed in their package and may operate the equipment themselves subject to the Theatre’s Technical Director being satisfied that competent persons are doing so.
  • Use of the dressing rooms to which you will have exclusive access for the period of the hire.
  • Printing of tickets. Hirers are required to use the theatre’s on-line booking system unless specifically agreed otherwise with CTL, this is a paperless system. In addition, the Theatre will also print paper tickets for use in our high street outlet and for the Hirer’s own direct sales
  • Seating Layouts: Reserved and unreserved seating formats are available for public performances. Sales of all tickets through our box office (in person, by telephone or on-line) are subject to a commission fee. All such monies will be banked and offset against outstanding hire charges. All positive balances will be paid to the hirer by the end of the month following the month of performance (eg for an April performance by 31 May).
  • Front of House and Box Office: For all performances the Theatre will provide a Front of House Manager for a specified time. FoH and Box Office volunteers are usually available on request at the time of booking. FoH volunteers not provided by the Court Theatre must be fully briefed on the necessary safety and fire evacuation procedures. The necessary manning levels will be advised to the Hirer, but as a guideline the hirer would be expected to provide 4 FoH volunteers who are required to stay for the complete performance; plus an extra person for the Box Office for an hour before curtain up.
  • Security: The Theatre does not provide Security staff. If a hirer feels that Security is required, this needs to be discussed at the time of booking and will be the responsibility of and at the cost to the Hirer.
  • Chaperones The Theatre does not provide, and is not responsible for, chaperones or any other direct supervision of cast, especially children or vulnerable adults. Hirers are required to adhere to the Theatre’s code of practice if the cast or crew includes children under 16. The policy can be found via a link on our website.
  • Cleaningbut only as follows
    The front of house area is cleaned daily, first thing in the morning. The cleaners will also attempt to clean the auditorium but NOT backstage areas. They are not expected to distinguish between genuine “rubbish” and the inevitable “mess” created during set build and left by actors in changing rooms. Therefore for practical purposes hirers should expect to keep the auditorium and changing rooms clean themselves. Vacuum cleaners are available. The SPIC ‘n SPAN Checklist helps define expected standards. If your event requires additional cleaning, this must be notified at time of booking so it can be discussed, it will also be subject to an extra charge.
  • Set and Rubbish Disposal: Additionally it is the responsibility of the hirer to remove all rubbish, items of set, props and paint used during the period of hire and to clean away dust/debris etc resulting from the assembly and striking of sets. Particular care should be taken regarding screws and nails as the theatre is surrounded by car parking which is in constant use and tyres have been damaged in the past due to negligence.
  • Website and Brochure inclusion: Hires for public performances will be included on our website and in our seasonal brochures free of charge (subject to all appropriate details being supplied by the relevant deadline – see Section 5 and Appendix 3). Other events may be included, subject to a nominal cost and available space at time of going to print.
  • Posters and Leaflets: The Court Theatre will not produce or distribute individual leaflets or posters on behalf of hirers other than by special arrangement (see Marketing & Publicity – Section 5). However, all supplied materials will be displayed in the foyer and bar area at the discretion of the Artistic Director, subject to available space. If you wish to have a flyer included in a Theatre mailing, please contact the Artistic Director to discuss your requirements and for details of the charges.

Stage Lighting Equipment

Control Room
1No. – Zero 88 Bull Frog Lighting Desk complete with LCD Screen
(48/96 way & 12 intelligent fixtures on 2 DMX Universes)

Patch Room
1No. – Zero 88 Demux 48
6No. – 6 Channel Zero 88 Betapack Dimmer packs (2kw per channel)
1No. – 6 Channel Zero 88 Betapack 2 Dimmer pack (2kw per channel)
1No. – 6 Channel Zero 88 Betapack 3 Dimmer pack (2kw per channel)
3No. – LED 6 way controllers (for LED batten strips)

8No. – ETC Source 4 Zoom 15-30° 575w Profiles
4No. – ETC Source 4 Zoom 25-50º 575w Profiles
6No – ETC Source 4 Junior Zoom 25-50° 575w Profiles
23No. – Selecon Rama 1000w Fresnels
20No. – Parcans (fitted with CP60,61 or 62 lamps)
4No. – 4 Compartment Cyc Batterns (500w each compartment)
7No. – 1.2m RGB LED batten strips (Cyc)
4No. – 1.2m RGB LED batten strips

6No. – Drop-in irises for Source 4 Juniors
4No. – Drop-in irises for Source 4 Zoom
6No. – Gobo holders for Source 4 Juniors
1No. – Mirror Ball/ Rotator
3No. – Winch operated LX bars (LX1 200kg UDL, LX2 250kg UDL, LX3 250kg UDL)
2No. – FOH fixed LX Bars

Additional Equipment available at extra charge
6No. – Illuminated RAT Music stands with link cables.
12No. – Music stands with clip-on LED lights

Lighting Layout Plan
Please see theatre’s ‘Lighting Square Rig Layout’ for position of outlets/lights.

Sound/PA Equipment

Sound Room
1No. – Soundcraft FX16 Mixer (standard set-up)
1No. – Soundcraft GB4 40 channel mixer (available on request)
2No. – Stereo Graphic Equilisers (1 per speaker channel)
1No. – CD Player
3No. – DI Boxes
2No. – Sennheiser Short Shotgun Microphones.
1No. – Comms set comprising Power Supply and 4No. Beltpack/headsets.
1No. – Induction Hearing Loop
2No. – ADA aerial systems for use with Radio Mics.

4No. – HK Actor powered speakers 400w/speaker (powered from control room). Speakers arranged 2No. in centre cluster, 2No. side fills.
1No. – HK Sub Woofer.
2No. – Laney powered monitor speakers.
1No. – 16×4 multicore with patch box on Stage Right
1No. – 28×4 multicore with patch box on Stage Left

Various microphone stands
Box of assorted sound cables

Additional Equipment available at extra charge
8No. – Sennheiser G3 Radio Mic Receiver/Beltpack with *Lapel Mic
4No. – Sennheiser G2 Radio Mic Receiver/Beltpack with *Lapel Mic
2No. – Sennheiser Handheld Mics (for use on G2 Receivers only in place of Beltpack)

*Boom Mics are available for above in place of Lapel Mics.

Radio Mics are charged at the following rate:- £POA for hire rates

NB. Batteries for Radio Mics are not included in the hire, but can be supplied for an extra charge.

Theatre RoomsNo. of roomsCapacity per room
Ground Floor - Rear of Stage
Dressing Room with shower room13
Dressing Room with wheelchair access & access to WC13
Dressing room with wheelchair access14
Communal dressing room15
First Floor - Above bar area
Green Room/ Dressing Room120
Side Room with sinkn/an/a
Orchestra Pit
None - orchestra to be housed on or to side of stage
Stage Manager’s Desk
Comms with Control Room and FoH; Cueing PA for rear Dressing Rooms; stage monitor
MiscellaneousQuantityHire charge
Pianos1 Upright and 1 Grand. Use of
the Grand is strictly regulated.
Upright FOC; Grand by negotiation. Tuning is at the cost of the hirer.
Iron & Ironing board1FOC
Harlequin floor (requires Harlequin Tape only to secure)4 rolls; requires special Harlequin Tape to join. Special conditions of use apply.The floor is included in the hire charge but supplied tape is charged for

The Court Theatre operates full box office facilities.

Pre-sold tickets can be purchased:

  • On-line at
  • By phone on 07543 560478 (note: phone is manned by volunteers and consequently not always answered directly, there is not a message service)
  • Direct from the hirer eg for cast or out of town sales in other outlets

On performance days the theatre box-office should be manned for 1 hour before curtain up. Please note that access to the box office area is by a separate key as access to the box office software is limited to trained personnel only. Users should nominate one of their members to become the trained box office person; CTL may be able to provide a volunteer box office person but this should be agreed in advance of the performance dates.

Box Office Charges:

  • Tickets sold ‘on the door’ by CTL volunteers (includes tickets reserved to be collected and paid for on the door) – 3%
  • Tickets sold via website or phone – 9%

User groups are permitted to sell tickets for their own events. However, any tickets left for ‘on the door’ collection and payment will be subject to the standard box office commission charge.

Note: It is theatre policy not to make a separate booking charge to customers. The theatre wishes to actively encourage on-line booking and believes booking fees are resented by theatre goers. The charge is therefore passed back to hirers through the commission structure. Hirers are advised to take these charges into account when setting ticket prices for their event.

The Court Theatre has a dedicated marketing & publicity team to assist with the promotion of any public performance event.

  • Court Theatre Website: For public performance events, details will be advertised on the Court Theatre website ( Please forward pdfs and jpgs of your publicity material to The theatre website can also be used to advertise details of open auditions.
  • Seasonal Brochure: All public performance events are included in the Court Theatre’s seasonal brochures. Full details of your event should be sent using the
    Brochure and Website Entry Form (Appendix 3) to
  • We use the information and images provided by the hirer on the Website and Brochure Entry Form (Appendix 3) to populate our website and seasonal brochure and print your tickets. It is in the hirers best interest to provide as much information as possible as soon as possible after the hire is agreed. For example, we can use this information to create a website entry months in advance of the brochure. See WHAT’S ON Guide – User Guidelines, available from our website, for more information.
  • Media Releases: We have the opportunity to forward information to the local press and have developed a very good relationship with them. If you would like us to manage that for you please contact to arrange this. We will require a full press release (as a Word Doc not pdf) plus, if you are including a photo, a good quality jpeg (approx 1 Meg is ideal for newspaper publishing). Please note and be aware of any copyright issues on the material you are supplying for publication. Court Theatre will accept no liability for infringement of copyright from materials provided by the hirer/user. Press releases and must be submitted no later than 4 weeks prior to your event. Please note that whilst the Court Theatre will make every effort to secure press coverage of your event it is unable to guarantee inclusion in any local press. Hirers are also encouraged to cultivate their own press links.
  • Posters for display in the theatre foyer: Posters, pdfs/jpgs or similar should be emailed to to ensure these are displayed at the theatre.
  • Dolphin Square Window: The Court Theatre has a display window in Dolphin Square, to make use of this facility please contact with details of your posters.
  • Rolling display in the theatre foyer: Forthcoming shows can be advertised on the theatre’s rolling display in the bar. To advertise your show contact to discuss content and format. Material is normally required as PowerPoint slides.
  • Facebook and Twitter: We use Facebook and Twitter as another advertising tool and regularly send out event information to our increasing circle of Facebook friends. We can also set up a Facebook event for you to help advertise your event. If you would like us to do this for you please contact

Note: Please be aware when displaying posters that Dacorum Borough Council have at times adopted a hard-line approach to the posting of promotional materials in unauthorised locations. Technically the unauthorised display of advertisements is punishable by a maximum fine of £2,500 per advertisement location plus a continuing maximum fine of £250 for each day an advert is displayed. It is recommended you only use approved notice boards for the display of posters and other promotional materials and do not:

  • secure them by means of staple guns
  • cover other posters being displayed
  • Hire periods generally are from 00:01 to 23:59. The Event Management Team will liaise with hirers to ensure there is amicable agreement on the practicalities of ‘overlap’ between hirers. For example it is normally practical for an outgoing hirer to clear the stage and leave set and props in one part of the auditorium to give clear access to the incoming hirer. This facility may not always be possible though as early morning shows are a feature of the Court Theatre programme. If you suspect you have a long get in or get out requirement please let the Artistic Director know when you make your booking enquiry.
  • Keys are available for collection from The King’s Arms public house in Tring. Ring ahead on 01442 823318 to agree a collection time window. A returnable deposit of £20 is payable. In the event that keys cannot be collected please contact the Event Management Director as soon as possible to make alternative arrangements.
  • Please make a note of any obvious damage to the theatre fixtures, fittings or equipment on get-in and notify the Event Management Director as soon as possible.
  • Should any damage occur during the period of hire please notify the Event Management Director as soon as possible in order that the appropriate repair work
    can be undertaken in a timely fashion.
  • The Hirer will be liable for non-accidental damage to theatre property during the period of hire and cost of replacement will be charged.
  • Sheeting is provided to protect the auditorium carpet. Please use this during get-in and whilst painting scenery and props.
  • The Theatre must be returned to the condition on arrival. All rubbish created during the period of hire should be “black sacked” and removed. All dust/debris etc resulting from the assembly and striking of sets cleared away. The staging and auditorium carpet should be vacuumed, two vacuum cleaners are provided for this purpose. Stage floor must be painted black (unless pre-arranged with incoming hirer). Stage paint is provided for this purpose.
  • The theatre skip is limited in size; on get out unwanted scenery/props should be broken into small enough pieces to fit inside the skip. Large pieces must NOT be left outside the skip in the hope that someone else will clear them, they should be removed to a public refuse tip. Particular care should be taken regarding screws and nails as the theatre is surrounded by car parking which is in constant use and tyres have been damaged in the past due to negligence. Paint must NOT be put in the skip as this is deemed hazardous waste and again must be separately disposed of.
  • Hirer Checklists: you should be provided with a copy of the Nightly Exit Checklist and Spic ‘n Span Get Out Checklist when you collect your key. They can also be downloaded from our website. They cover the steps needed each night to secure the theatre safely and the standards expected on Get Out to secure your Spic ‘n Span discount and/or deposit.

Theatre Hire Downloads

Click here to view downloadable forms, specifications and checklists including:

– How To Hire the Theatre
– Booking and Deposit Form
– Website Entry Form
– and many others

Downloadable Forms

Check Theatre Calendar for Availabilty

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